I Punched her in the face..

September 15, 2010

Another long and busy day for me, but since this is my first post I’ll avoid all the whining that I can save for myself.

My dad woke me up with his non-stop “bollywood-style” alarm coming from his phone. That ringtone ticks my nerves every freaking day! I fell back to bed when the annoying ringing stopped. My mom and dad tried to wake me and my sister up, but we were both too stubborn to listen. I mean, after many, many years of doing the same routine over and over again, it just bugs my brains out. Well anyway.. lets fast forward my life when I reach my school.

I go to a private catholic school here in the Philippines, I love it! I love the people, I love meeting my friends everyday, and I just love the pure essence of this school, its all refreshing to the eyes. My school has lots of trees and plants and its about 4 stories high. We have a gymnasium with a Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton court, plus the huge stage that we used for a play last year. We have a quadrangle with the same multi-purpose courts, we have 3 canteens,  a computer room and Speech room, 3 laboratories and a chapel. Let’s just cut to the chase, okay?


I joined the Cheer dancers this year and yea, we have our practice later in the day today.  I also had my club today, which is the Music Club and I was one of the leaders of that club which means that I should attend every meeting. and I did attend today, for 20 mins. our club director is awesome, she’s really spiritual and gives us life quotes whenever we needed one. After the whole club thingy, me and my friends went to the Cheering practice.

The Cheering practice starts in a week and I havn’t mastered all of the steps and stuff, but cut me some slack, I m new in the business! So we were practicing and I removed my shoes. We practiced this step that involves kneeling and stuff. I had my friends with me, and I’ll call the one in my right Louis and in my left is Justine. Louis was teaching me the new steps when suddenly, my fist interacted with her face, I punched her by accident! lol I was like “Im so sorry Louis!” and Justine was laughing and stuff. :)) After that, she forgave me and laughed it all off. I went straight home, my whole body twitching in misery.

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